Love brings the family together,
Love fills up your plate

  • Cooking Paste
    Range of paste: You want to spend time with your family, after all that’s what makes the bond strong and deep. With Mother’s Recipe pastes, you spend more time with Family and less time on preparation in the kitchen and when you eat the meal together they will taste the love of your effort in every meal.
  • Instant Mixes
    Range of instant mixed: You want only the best for the family and now that you have to make that happen, you realize what a tough task it is. There are demands from children and requests from husband but when there is will to always give them healthy food and not compromise because of time, there is a way. simply open a pack of ...
  • Pickles
    Range of Pickles: Your Childhood becomes a distant memory before you know it. Those tantrums you threw. That special something mom made to make things alright. Thankfully not all is lost. The taste of love in the pickles is still felt in every lick. It takes you back to happy and carefree times. So every time you feel you are g...
  • Ready to Cook
    Range of RTCs: You love inviting people over, you hate ordering food from outside and you don’t know how to cook but that doesn’t stop you at all. In fact you can get ready for the get together within minutes with Mother’s Recipe Ready to cook meals. You serve them delicious food with such enthusiasm that they taste the love in...
  • Chutney
    Range of Chutneys: Enjoy the Hint of love on the side with every snack, with the wide range of ready to eat, delectable chutneys from Mother’s Recipe, made with freshest ingredients and the same homely love and care. Their tangy snack time, deliciously memorable.
  • Ready to Fry
    Range of Papad: When you share moments together, you create memories to make life beautiful. When those moments include food, it becomes even better. Share a crunchy twist with your loved ones. Roast of fry any Mother’s Recipe Papad and enjoy the taste of love it adds to your relationship