Certifications & Policies


  • We will achieve continual improvement in quality of our final products (Pickles, Papads, paste, Ready-To-Eat products, Ready-To-Cook products, Chutneys, Sauces, Pastes, Instant Mixes, etc. which we offer to our customers by enhancing highest standards of safety, hygiene and sanitation, complying with applicable requirements and by controlling cost of operations.
  • We will focus on the performance development of our employees in order to achieve continual growth of our organization.
  • We will implement a Quality Management System in the Food Division and with that, we will be able to fulfill our Vision & Mission of becoming one of the national leaders in the Ethnic Food Products Innovation and Quality by achieving customer delight at competitive prices & timely delivery of final product.
  • We will communicate the Quality Policy throughout the organization and review continuously for its suitability.


  • We will maintain highest standards of Safety & Hygiene.
  • We will focus on training relating to food safety to our employees.
  • We will conform to statutory and regulatory requirements and mutually agreed Food Safety requirements of customers.
  • We will ensure proper internal and external communications related to Food Safety matters.