The Desi Szechwan way of interesting vegetarian dishes!

There is so much you can do with Szechwan. For the people who always love to experiment, Desi Szechwan is nothing but heaven. Make the most of our Desi Szechwan by bringing out your inner chef. With a whole lot of flavours, make innovative vegetarian dishes. Some combinations are well known and some are experimental. Here is a list of dishes that can be combined with Szechwan.

  1. Pasta – Italians gave us pasta, and we gave the world different varieties of pasta such as tandoori, makhani, masala and many more. Add Desi Szechwan to pasta and make pasta that will surprise everyone with its taste. Add a little bit of butter, flour, milk, Italian seasoning, pasta and of course some Desi Szechwan and make way directly to your heart with the spicy Szechwan pasta.
  2. Tacos – Add fusion to Mexicana dishes by adding some Desi Szechwan to your Taco. Mix it with the filling or spread it on the taco shell. Add Mexican beans filling garnish with cheese and enjoy!
  3. Nachos– Netflix and chill? Nahhhh!!! More like Netflix and nachos. Popcorn is so outdated, let’s make way for some nachos. The combination of nachos and Desi Szechwan is one of the best. Dip it or spread it, it is going to be heavenly in the end. A bowl of nachos with Desi Szechwan is what dreams are made of.
  4. Mac and cheese – Anything with loads of cheese is undoubtedly good, but with Szechwan it becomes great!!! Add in some butter, loads of cheese, pepper, seasoning, and Desi Szechwan to your Mac and cheese and treat your tastebuds!
  5. Szechwan noodles – Life is very short, why waste it on bland food? Hakka noodles are so boring, why not some Desi Szechwan noodles? Throw in some oil, ginger garlic paste, chilis, veggies, Desi Szechwan. Make the oh-so-simple Hakka noodles into an ocean of flavours by adding the Desi Szechwan.

So, what are you waiting for? Get experimenting with Desi Szechwan!