Most popular Indian snacks – Papad DIY recipe you must try !

Papad, for long has been that one side dish that everyone has seemed to like, whether it be a hot bowl of khichdi on a rainy day or lavish thali, papad just seems to make everything taste better. 

Long gone are the times when the humble papad was just a side dish, with the evolving times and the coming in of new recipes, papad has gotten many forms and styles in which it can be eaten. There are so many innovative ways in which you can savory papad.

Some of the Munchies for this monsoon that you can try out are: 

Papad bowl chat: This recipe doesn’t need much preparation, all you need to do is fry some delicious MR aloo papad, cut some tomatoes and onions for garnish, you can boil some potatoes and smash them. To that mixture add some spices like coriander powder, chilly powder and pepper, mix it well and add dollops to each aloo papad, now finish it off with a wedge of lime and garnish with tomatoes and onions, and voila! A crunchy scrumptious monsoon snack is ready to be eaten!  You can change the filling according to you, you can add green peas as well, that’s left to your imagination! 

Papad with soup: Imaginea rainy day and you’re cozying up inside, there’s a nice show running and you feel relaxed, what would make it even more perfect is a bowl of soup! After you brew your bowl of soup, brew some chilly garlic papad and break them into pieces, these can be a great addition for a crunch and topping your soup with papad can give a crouton-like finish! 

Papad Fritters: Hey yes that sounds unusual, but it’s one of a kind recipe that’ll make you want more. Basically follow all the steps of making a cutlet but substitute bread  crumbs with papad. If you have a chicken keema filling, dip it in egg and then roll it in some crunchy papad, fry it for 1-2 minutes and you have a mouth watering evening snack ready! 

Papad Spring rolls: For this recipe you need to sort out your choice of veggies and protein, saute them in the pan till they turn golden brown, dip your papad in water for 2 minutes to flatten it out, fill up the filling into the papad and fold them. Fry them until they are cooked. Springs rolls are known for their crunchy exterior but this addition to the recipe will give it a new twist! 

Masala Papad: Even though this recipe is a classic we can never get enough of it, for this recipe you preferably need Punjabi Masala Papad or Channa masala papad as the papad needs to be big in diameter. This can be a great night time snack when the family is around for a game night or watching a movie. Cut onions and tomatoes finely and sprinkle it evenly over the papad, sprinkle some chilly powder and pepper as well. Cut some coriander leaves to add in the end. You can customize it to taste by adding tamarind chutney or Chaat Masala. Squeeze some lime in the end for an extra zing! 

As you can see there are a lot of ways in which a papad can be enjoyed, pick your favorite recipes and tag us when you share your pictures on social media, do let us know how you’ve liked the recipe. Enjoy your Crunchy papads!