Ultimate Solution for Hot Summers

Mother's Recipe Sharbat Syrups

Hot summers call for cold beverages, and for Indians, sharbat is more than just a drink. It's a sip of cherished memories and moments of pure joy. From grandma's special mango panna sharbat to the lemon ginger sharbat at the small stall near the college gate, each holds a special place in our hearts.

To revive these memories, Mother’s Recipe has curated the perfect range of delicious sharbats to enjoy during the summer season. From Mango Panna to Rose, Lemon Ginger to Jeera Masala, and Khus, whether you crave something sweet, tangy, or spiced, this summer, we've got you covered!

But did you know that our range of sharbats does more than just satisfy your cravings for cold beverages during the hot summer season? Well, a good old glass of sharbat offers many health benefits as well.

Rose Sharbat

Rose Sharbat, filled with multiple vitamins and nutrients, is the perfect blend of delicious taste and health benefits. From aiding gut health to improving skin and eye health, this syrup helps with stomach bloating and inflammation while strengthening the body.

Mango Panna Sharbat

Mango Panna Sharbat is more than just a nostalgic drink; it's rich in minerals, nutrients, and packed with Vitamin C. It helps with conditions like high blood pressure and protects against heat stroke during scorching summer afternoons.

Lemon Ginger Sharbat

Lemon Ginger Sharbat combines two ingredients known for their individual health benefits. This refreshing drink not only detoxifies the body but also boosts the immune system and aids in post-workout recovery.

Khus Sharbat

Khus Sharbat is the ultimate cooling drink for summers, providing relief from anxiety, stress, and promoting digestive health. It also helps with skin problems and respiratory health.

Jeera Masala Sharbat

Jeera Masala Sharbat, a favorite for catchup sessions with friends, is known for boosting digestion and is ideal for those looking to lose weight. Rich in Vitamin E and containing anti-inflammatory properties, it's a healthy choice for summer refreshment.

This summer, bring home the perfect solution that not only satisfies your craving for something cool but also supports your mind and body. Visit our website to explore our range of delicious summer sharbats.

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