Quick And Easy Lunch Box Recipes For Kids

Deciding what to cook for your lil one that’s not just healthy but yummy is a task in itself. Kids usually bring back home half-finished lunch boxes and mothers are worried in regards to the insufficient nutrition. Though they drool over deep-fried dishes like samosas, kachori, momos, etc. mother’s certainly can’t pack that for lunch every day. It’s unhealthy and such food raises health concerns as well.

If ‘what to pack’ is something that troubles you in the morning, then we have a list of easy lunchbox recipes for kids that will boost your child’s health and be no less than a treat to their taste-buds.

Seviyan Pulao

Exciting noodle shaped vermicelli is one of the best options to cook in the morning for your kid’s lunch box. It’s full of nutrition and wholesome flavours and ranks on the top of the list of best breakfast recipes. The easy recipe requires basic tomatoes and green peas masala mishmash and a distinct flavour of your added spices. Seviyan will absorb all these outstanding flavours yielding a pleasant yet addictive taste making it a perfect choice for kid’s lunchbox.

Imli Rice Recipe

Tamarind rice, also known as Puligore, is one of the most prominent delicacies in Southern India. It is, in fact, comfort food for many and eaten as a complete meal. You can easily cook Tamarind rice with basic ingredients. Although tamarind is supposed to be the main ingredient in this delicacy, the interplay of a whole bunch of spices and a generous quantity of sesame oil does the real magic.

The rich complex flavours with its spicy and tanginess make it an ideal choice for the lunchbox recipe. Roasted peanuts in the recipe add the crunch and elevate the whole eating experience. Packed with nutrients necessary for the day, it is an ideal tiffin box recipe for kids. Now you can savor the khatta-meetha taste of tamarind rice easily with Mother’s Recipe ready to cook puliogre. Just add it in your preparation and relish the authentic South-Indian home-style puliogre.

Kathi Roll

These delicious, healthy, and filling rolls are the star amongst the tiffin-box recipes for kids. If your Lil one is too bored with your sabzi and roti, you can twist it in presentation and make it more interesting. After all, with kids, it’s all about the play. Kathi Rolls are nothing but cooked vegetables wrapped in a roti (either made of atta or maida).

To make your rolls interesting and appetizing, you can add a layer of achaar in it while rolling. It will add a zest of spiciness in it and kids won’t even notice. A unique representation with hidden secret ingredients will make your boring Roti and Sabzi a favorite roll for your kids. Mother’s Recipe offers a range of achaar that you can use for your daily tiffin packing. From Bengali to Karnataka style, we have achaar in all styles and formats to treat your taste-buds. Pick one and go to experiment with your food like never before.

Vegetable Biryani

The name itself makes you drool. Making a veg biryani for kid’s lunchbox is not a hectic task any more. With Mother’s Recipe Ready to Cook Biryani Mix, you can cook up a vegetable biryani within minutes. Flavourful and loaded with nutrition, you can quickly make it and pack it in your toddler’s tiffin box in a jiffy. Your freshly cut vegetables, properly cooked rice paired with the spices of our mix will make for yummy veg biryani.

If you wish to make it more interesting, you can always add the crunch to it with Mother’s Recipe papad. From Ajwain Papad to Moong Papad, pick your kid’s favorite and fry them a good treat.

Lauki Paratha with tangy Achaar

Bottle Guard aka Lauki is not a very popular vegetable among kids. But you can always spice things up with a different style and make it your ideal tiffin box recipe for kids. All you have to do is to grate the lauki (ensure you remove all the seeds before doing so). Then just how you make aloo paratha, add spices in the grated lauki. Stuff it in the roti and cook it up like paratha.

Add an extra touch of spiciness with achaar. Mother’s Recipe offers a range of achaar to choose from. A zayekedaar dip with the flavours of achar will make your Lil one’s taste buds dance with joy. They won’t even notice that they had a bottle-guard. A healthy dish packed with vitamin C is best for the tiffin box. The bacha khush and the mother is also khush with this different paratha recipe.

Puri Chole

Perfect crisped poori made at home paired with the spicy chole is an all-time favourite. It won’t take much of your time to cook when you have Mother’s Recipe Ready to Cook Chole Mix with yourself. Just add the mix to your boiled chole and it will be ready within minutes.

While many make pooris with wheat flour, many also prefer making it with Maida as it gives a chole bhature feel. Many homes in South India make these with a mix of atta, maida, and rava. Based on your morning schedule, prepare with the ingredient that doesn’t much of your time.

Veg Fried Rice with Soya

Here’s another lifesaver for you. If your child gives you all kinds of tantrums when given vegetable curry and rice, just mix both of them up and make it different. There are so many ways fried rice can be made – Egg fried rice, Chinese fried rice, Schezwan fried rice are some of the common yet popular ones. All you need is the right sauce and cooked rice. Add soya in it and make it more interesting by frying the soya a little. It adds the crunch and a powerful punch of protein that children need big time. Be it any type of fried rice, soya is something that always finds its place in the rice and makes for an easy and quick lunch box recipes for kids.

You can make the dish more interesting by adding a layer of cheese over it. Kids love cheese. Just top it up with a layer of grated cheese and tell the kids its cheese fried rice and watch them finish the tiffin box within minutes. Simple twists can go a long way when it comes to kids and managing the food for their lunch box.

Khatta Dhokla

Surprise your kids with tasty and yummy pieces of white Dhokla in their tiffin. It’s a light, healthy, and easy to make dish for kids and best for a side snack or as a main meal depending on the age of your little one. This quintessential snack of Gujarat has found its place in the hearts of many, especially kids. And cooking it is now excessively easier with Mother’s Recipe Instant Khatta Dhokla Mix.

It tastes remarkable with some sweet chutney. Mother’s Recipe brings you a range of Chutneys that will turn the flavour of any of your home-made snacks into a street-style chaat. Pick up the Tamarind chutney or the Delhi Chaat chutney to pair with the Khatta Dhokla and relish the deliciousness.

Paneer Butter Masala with Phulke

Paneer is the hero of all the savouries and kids love this soft succulent cottage cheese. We are counting it in the list of easy lunch box recipes for kids because with Mother’s Recipe Ready To Cook Paneer Butter Masala mix, you can actually cook it in a jiffy. All you need is cut pieces of paneer, tomato puree, and cut onions.

Pair your Paneer Butter Masala with either rotis or rice based on what your kid prefers. If you are preparing rice, you make it jeera rice to add further flavours. For crunch-ful sides, you can fry up Mother’s Recipe papads as well.

Egg Paratha

Scrambled eggs stuffed parathas are healthy, filling, and protein-packed kid’s lunch box. To simplify your work, you can use ready paratha, roti, or frozen paratha. But it’s always better to have fresh dough and rotis when it comes to children. Scrambled eggs barely take more than 5-10 minutes to prepare.

Egg parathas are mostly served with coriander chutney or red chilli chutney. Based on the preference of your lil one, you can pair your paratha with any of the Mother’s Recipe chutney. If your kid is fond of the street-food taste, then we have the Delhi chaat chutney and bhelpuri chutney which will appetize their taste buds wholesomely. You can even experiment with our samosa chutney as well. After all, kids love the chatpata taste of chutneys.

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You can experiment with your everyday cooking and make it more interesting by simply adding another variant in the meal. A crunch of papad can make a whole lot of difference. If your child is fond of potato chips, Mother’s Recipe offers you potato papad. Made with age-old traditional recipes and homely ingredients, it acts as a super-hunger savior and health some option.

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