Instant Mixes: Quick to cook and healthy to eat!

Our fast paced lives today rarely leave us the time to cook a tasty and elaborate meal from scratch. There’s no denying that it’s an arduous process that starts with preparing a long list of ingredients, hunting those ingredients down, and then starting the never-ending cooking process.

But those cravings—what do we do about them? That’s exactly what Mother’s Recipe Instant Mixes are here to do for you. These Instant Mixes are quick, tasty and healthy.

Simplify the cooking process and get the food tastes just like what your mom used to make.

Here are five incredible advantages of using Mother’s Recipe Instant Mixes:

1. Minimal prep time: 
Mother’s Recipe Instant Mixes are indeed instant. All you need is some hot water to cook your meal, and your delicious meal will be on your plate within minutes!

2. No ingredients needed: 
Forget about those elaborate ingredients’ lists. A packet of Mother’s Recipe Instant Mix and some water is literally all you need to enjoy a hearty meal.

3. Tastes better than ever: 
There’s finally something that tastes just as good as your mum’s food. Recreate the magic of your mother’s recipes with Mother’s Recipe Instant Mixes.

4. Healthy and nutritious:
Tasty food doesn’t have to mean that it’s bad for you. Mother’s Recipe Instant Mixes are tasty, but also healthy and nutritious. You’ll never want to eat junk food again!

5. No storage issues:
You can regulate your portion sizes with your Instant Mixes by cooking only as much as you need. Save yourself the hassle of storing leftovers.

Enjoy the unique combination of taste and health in a ready-to-cook Instant Mix by Mother’s Recipe. Choose from a wide range of delicious recipes to satisfy every kind of food craving!