Easy & Delicious Paneer Butter Masala Recipe

Paneer Butter Masala Recipe | Step By Step

Paneer makhani otherwise referred to as Paneer butter masala is an iconic dish that has a slightly sweet creamy curry made of Paneer or tofu. The word makhan is a Hindi word, which means butter. So, makhani means buttery. The origin of this dish can be traced back to the 1950s when the Punjabis created this dish in Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi. In fact, a survey found that Paneer Butter Masala was one of the top 5 food ordered at night in India.


The specialty of this dish is the sauce and it was discovered by mixing a lot of fresh butter into a tomato-based curry. The curry is prepared usually with simple ingredients such as- butter, tomatoes, cashews or cream. Masalas such as red chilly powder and garam masala are also used to prepare this gravy. Here is a recipe that will interest you as well. If the procedure to make this delicacy is difficult for you, then you can cook this paneer delicacy at home using- Mother’s Recipe Butter Paneer Masala Mix. The best part of this process is that you cook it within minutes. All you have got to is boil the masala with some water and add the cubes of paneer. Isn’t this a quick, tasty and convenient way to cook your favorite dish?


Ingredients required to prepare paneer butter masala

  • To make the paste:
  1. 2 teaspoons Oil
  2. 1 medium or 1 cup Onion chopped roughly
  3. Skimmed milk powder
  4. Mother’s Recipe Ginger garlic paste
  5. 2 small or 1 cup Tomato chopped
  6. ⅛ teaspoon Turmeric powder
  7. 1 ½ teaspoons Coriander powder
  8. 1 ½ teaspoon Red chili powder
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Cashew Nuts broken

Coriander and Cumin

All these ingredients are available in the Paneer Butter Masala Ready to cook mix of Mother’s Recipe. Instead of going through the tedious task of arranging the right amount of the above mentioned ingredients, shop the pack and make your cooking simpler.

  • For paneer butter masala recipe:
  1. 2 tablespoons Butter
  2. 2 Cloves and cardamoms
  3. 1 teaspoon Mother’s Recipe Ginger paste
  4. 1 teaspoon Mother’s Recipe Garlic paste or freshly grated
  5. 1 cup Water
  6. 200 grams or 7 oz Paneer cut into pieces
  7. Red chilli powder or chopped green chilies for extra spiciness or
  8. 3-4 tablespoons heavy whipping cream or fresh cream or malai (optional)

Although RTC mix has most of the necessary spices, you can top it up as per your servings and need of the extra spiciness.


Instructions to prepare paneer butter masala

  • Making the paste:
  1. Take the Mother’s Recipe Ready to cook pack of Paneer Butter Masala and empty it in a pan. 
  2. Add water to it and let it boil over low flame for few minutes. 
  3. Add extra red chili powder or chopped green chillies if you like your dish a little extra spicy. 
  • Making paneer butter masala recipe:
  1. In the same pan heat the butter and oil on medium heat.
  2. Add whole spices. Saute for a minute or till you get a nice aroma of spices.
  3. Add pieces of paneer in the pan and let it cook for a few minutes. 
  4. Then add water to make gravy consistency and simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Add kasoori methi, paneer cubes, and mix.
  6. Lastly add cream, mix and let it simmer for 2 minutes.
  7. Turn off the stove.

Your dish is ready to be served! You can garnish it with coriander leaves and an ample amount of home-made butter. We assure you that this will turn out to be a block-buster amongst your family and friends. 

You can cook this up in the cooker as well. It’s even simpler! Mix the entire content of the Ready To Cook mix, 250g of paneer pieces, ½ cup of milk (125 ml) and ½ cup of water (125ml) in a pressure cooker. Cook for 1 whistle and then cook on a low flame for one minute. Stop cooking. Stir in 2 tablespoon of butter.

Nutrition Value

Here is a rough estimate of the nutritional value. It contains a total calories of 465kcal for 1 serving.

  • Calories: 465kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 12g
  • Protein: 14.6g
  • Fat: 40.3g
  • Saturated Fat: 11g
  • Cholesterol: 48mg
  • Sodium: 859mg
  • Potassium: 296mg
  • Fiber: 2.3g
  • Sugar: 3.7g
  • Calcium: 30mg
  • Iron: 1.1mg


Tips To Make The Delicious Paneer Butter Masala

  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes are a key ingredient, so you must make sure to use ripe, red and firm tomatoes with a slightly sweet taste. Ensure that the tomatoes should not be very sour or tangy.
  • Paneer: Use homemade paneer if possible or a good quality store brought fresh paneer. 
  • Cooking tomato puree: The tomato puree has to be sautéed and cooked really well. Oil or butter should leave sides of the tomato paste. If the tomato paste is not sautéed well, the raw flavor of tomatoes will be felt in the dish.
  • Butter: Use good quality butter. You can use both unsalted or salted butter. 
  • Cashew paste: To grind cashews to a fine consistency, it is better that you soak them in hot water for 30 minutes.
  • Replacement for cashews: If you don’t have cashews, don’t worry, the best alternative is almonds. Soak the almonds in hot water for 30 minutes. Then peel them and make a paste of almonds with little water.
  • Taste and flavor: If the butter paneer masala gravy tastes tangy or sour, then to balance the sour taste you can add a bit of sugar or cream. But do not add too much sugar as then the gravy becomes too sweet. Also, do note if you add cream then you might have to add less sugar in the butter paneer gravy.
  • Frying paneer: You can fry the paneer cubes if you want and then add in the prepared gravy or sauce.
  • Color: To get the bright orangish-red color, it is best to use Kashmiri red chilli powder. Using deep red colored tomatoes also contribute to a lovely orange color in the gravy.

Now, it is time to cook your very own delicious Paneer Butter Masala using this amazing recipe or go to your nearest supermarket and buy a packet of Mother’s Recipe Paneer Butter Masala Mix.

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Tomatoes are a key ingredient, so you must make sure to use ripe, red and firm tomatoes with a slightly sweet taste. Ensure that the tomatoes should not be very sour or tangy.