Dishes That Add A Burst Of Flavours To Your Diwali Celebration

Diwali is not just the festival of lights—it is also the festival of food. It is celebrated with much grandeur and devotion towards Goddess Lakshmi—the symbol of love, prosperity, and wealth. Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals in India as it is the time when the family gets together and everyone spends special moments with their loved ones.

This festival of flavours is celebrated widely across the nation in different ways relishing some of the most lip-smacking dishes. Ideally, sweets are the highlight of the festival as it a celebration of homecoming. Lord Rama won over the evil Ravana and came home with Sita and Lakshman. Upon his arrival, people in Ayodhya (the kingdom of Ram) decorated the streets and houses with lightened diyas in ghee. Apart from this, there is a popular belief that this is the auspicious time when Lakshmi graces the home with wealth and prosperity and it should be celebrated by lighting the home and spreading cheer.

Talking about the grand celebration, there is a vast list of delicacies prepared during this propitious festival apart from the little morsel of deliciousness called ‘Mithai’. A wide range of delightful dishes are intertwined with any of the Indian festive celebrations and for a festival as big as Diwali, feast and flavours are a must! Here we have discussed some of the most ubiquitous sweets and savoury items loved and savoured during Diwali.

Mawa Kachori

Rajasthan Mawa Kachoris have the super-delicious-power to satisfy any sweet-tooth. Deep-fried Kachoris, stuffed with mawa and dry fruits and are coated with sugar syrup is one of the most loved Diwali ki Mithai. The crunchiness on the exterior is complemented by the soft and caramelized mawa inside, making it a scrumptious dessert.

Moti Pak

Another remarkable sweetened treat that fills the heart with joy is the Moti Pak. Made with chickpea flour, khoya and mawa, it is one of the regional specialty of Gujarat. Layered with the silver zarq, this sweet delicacy can transport you the flavours of motichoor ke laddu along with a barfi-like taste. Many prefer this ghee sweet with a tint of cinnamon as it tickles the taste-buds while relishing. It is also used as one of the major offerings for the bhog during the Pooja in the western parts of India.


Sweet, deep-fried dumpling commonly known as Karanji in Maharashtra, Ghungra in Gujarat and Gujja in Rajasthan is a big hit during both Diwali and Holi. It is made using different fillings in different regions in India. In the Gujarat side, it is made using the dry coconut mixed with mawa whereas in Maharashtra it has cardamom, khoya, and powder sugar as the main fillings. Made with maida and deep-fried in oil, Gujiya is one of the most common snack items relished during the Diwali celebration.


Made with sweet gram flour, these sugary sweet dumplings are one of the major sweets cooked in the Haryana and Punjab regions during Diwali. They are made of jaggery and flour mixed in water then deep-fried in oil. Easy to cook, they are best savoured with Rabdi (sweet thickened milk) or kheer (rice pudding).


One of the major offerings to the deity during the Diwali Pooja, Mohanthal is prepared with saffron, gram flour, clarified butter, and sugar. This tiny dense fudge is a highlight of numerous special occasions celebrated in northern Indian. Capable to make anyone’s sweet tooth swoon over itself, it is one the best sweets to make at home to add succulent flavours to your Diwali celebration.

Deepawali Marundu

Commonly known as legiyam, this concoction made of dry ginger, honey, jaggery, nuts, poppy seeds, dry grapes, carom seeds, ghee and more is an incredibly tasty sweet prepared during Diwali in Tamil Nadu. Though it is a widely relished sweet, the preparation is believed to aid digestion. Since Diwali makes invites a massive feast, this sweet is accompanied to ensure the stomach can handle the upcoming food deluge. What can be a better kick-off to a sumptuous Diwali meal than a tantalizing spoonful of healthsome sweetness!

Gajar Ka Halwa

Let’s take a moment to bow before the all-time favourite and widely loved Gajar ka Halwa. The sweet-love affair with Gajrela dates back to the time of Mughals. Even today, it has the power to make the toughest of savoury-lovers drool over this carroty treat. Made with carrots, milk, sugar, and dollops of ghee, this star delicacy has no match. The wonderful bright colour of the halwa is a sight in itself. Garnished with dry fruits having an unparalleled aroma of elaichi complements the royal vibe of the dish.

Teepi Gavvalu

Another popular sweet of down South, Teepi Gavvalu is the highlight of Diwali in Andhra Pradesh. This Telugu name translates to ‘sweet shells’. The flour mixed with jaggery is beautifully rolled into the shape of shells then deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup are a treat to taste-buds. Certainly, there is no match to Indian sweets and this is just one of the prominent mithai that stands out in the Diwali wala menu.


Moving towards the direction of snacks, Murukku certainly deserves a special mention. Numerous types of Murukkus are prepared in Tamil Nadu and savoured during the festive season especially Diwali. This crunchy deep-fried Indian snack usually prepared with rice flour or urad dal flour is something that can be found in every other house in Diwali. There is Besan Murukku, Manapparai Murukku, Magizhampoo Murukku, Ragi Murukku, Potato Murukku, Beasn Murukku, and so many more a varieties to indulge your snacky taste-buds in.


Perfect for kids, shankarpali is flay, crispy, melt-in-mouth biscuits. Many people prefer baking it rather than deep-frying. It can be wither sour, spicy or sweet, depending on how people prepare. It is a popular Maharashtrian snack item prepared during Diwali and also used as a major side to the massive Diwali feasts. The best part is that other than being rich in delightful taste, it is also rich in carbohydrates making it an instant source of energy.


The king of all other snacks, Samosa is the first snack served when any guest arrives at home. Paired with the right chutney it makes for a heavenly combo to be savoured during Diwali. These triangular-shaped, deep-fried, crispy little flavourful snacks can amply the party zing to zenith’s height. Pair your home-made samosas with Mother’s Recipe chutney and please your taste-buds with flavours with Diwali. We have multiple variants such as Tamarind chutney, chilli garlic chutney and even the ideal samosa chutney to pair them with.

Puran Poli

Made with flatbread, cardamom, jaggery, and nutmeg, Puran Poli is one of the most popular Diwali recipes in South India that’s relished in some of the western parts as well. It is a signature dish to be cooked during Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra. Just how a simple phulkas or chapathi are prepared, these are cooked similarly using a sweet filling of puran. Acts as one of the major side-dish, you can savour it butter paneer, chole masala, kadhai panner, or simply as it is.

Dahi Bhalla

A favorite street food item, Dahi Bhalla is little fired dumplings served with yogurt and tamarind chutney. It’s perfect if you are craving for a spicy yet sweet delicacy to kick-start your Diwali celebration. You can pair Mother’s recipe chutney with your home-made dahi bhallas and elevate the loveable and appetizing experience to a soul-soothing altitude.

Sweet and savoury specialties make Diwali an exhilarating flavours fest. Apart from the beautiful and mesmerizing diyas that adorn the home, a table full of different platters is inextricably linked with the Diwali celebration. Mother’s Recipe offers a wide range of products that boast the same homely flavours. Rich in nutrition and taste, they are sure to make your heart melt. Be the side papads for your biriyani or the biriyani itself, we have ready to fry papad range and ready to cook mixes for your biriyanis, chole masala, butter chicken, kadhai paneer and so much more. This Diwali, ditch the fancy ingredients and cook something special at home using the same old traditional recipes. There is nothing as pure as the love that reflects in the home-cooked meals.

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