Crunchiness with a Twist!

Never underestimate the versatility and crunchiness of Papad. We repeat…NEVER! 

Papads are a staple food for any Indian household. Papad, for long has been that one side dish that everyone has seemed to like, whether it be a hot bowl of khichdi on a rainy day or lavish thali, papad just seems to make everything taste better. Mother’s Recipe has a delicious range of Cripsy Papad variants – Onion papad, Garlic Red Chilli papad, and Garlic Green Chilli papad which will definitely be a perfect companion for your crunchy cravings. 

Papad Fritters: A recipe of it’s own kind, that’ll make you want more. Follow the steps of making a cutlet but substitute bread crumbs with Onion Crispy papad from Mother’s Recipe. If you have a chicken keema filling, dip it in egg and then roll it in some crunchy papad, fry it for 1-2 minutes and you have a mouth watering evening snack ready!
Papad Raita: Try something interesting today and add crushed crispy papad to your raita. Alongwith the masalas and salt, as per your taste, adding crispy papad to the Raita will give a chilli flavour to the recipe. Serve this with chola chawal or pulao and enjoy a great meal. 
Papad Cone: This is a great snack when your loved ones are around for a game night or watching a movie. Cut onions and tomatoes finely and sprinkle it evenly over the papad, sprinkle some chilli powder and pepper as well. You can customize it to taste by adding tamarind chutney or Chaat Masala. Squeeze some lime in the end for an extra zing! 
Papad Pizza: Don’t even wait for 30 minutes to enjoy a delicious and crunchy pizza, at home. All you need to do is fry some delicious crispy papad from Mother’s Recipe, and keep a mix of onion, tomato, capsicum, oregano and sauce ready. To make it more spicy and exotic you can also choose to add from the wide range of sauces by Recipe. On the fried papad, spread some delicious sauce and top it up with the mix ready. A crunchy scrumptious snack is ready to be eaten!