Best and Easy Festive Snack Recipe for your children

Kids can be extremely picky and notorious when it comes to eating food. You can always hear other mothers whining about how making their kid(s) eat almost anything is a challenge. The trick parents play to ensure their kids eat enough and healthy are endless. And if it is your usual leafy greens and vegetables, you are sure to be overwhelmed by their tantrums.

Now that the festive season here, the need for snacks is even higher. It is usually around the festivities that parents let go of the strictness around eating greens and healthy food, but why have your child miss out on them? After all, festivity or no festivity, nutritious and healthy food stands important. 

Let’s take a look at some tasty, healthy yet easy to make snacks that your kids will love to munch on!

Spicy Potato Crackers

Kids’ favourite vegetable ever is potatoes; we would not know a single kid who does not love them. As a parent, you know how to stuff in vegetables with your potatoes, and this is no different, except it has lots of cheese!


  1. Boiled, grated potato – 2
  2. Green chillies – 1
  3. Medium chopped onion – ½
  4. Red chilli powder – 1 tbsp
  5. Cumin powder – ½ tbsp
  6. Black Salt – ½ tbsp
  7. Mother’s Recipe Garam Masala – ½ tbsp
  8. Mother’s Recipe Tamarind Date Chutney – 1 tbsp
  9. Salted crackers – 12
  10. Sev – 1 cup
  11. Coriander – 1 cup


Mix all the ingredients except the crackers into a bowl. Place the crackers on a plate, and add the mixture onto half of the cracker. Use the leftover crackers to place on the mixture, to make a cracker sandwich. Now take these crackers and dip them in sev, to coat evenly. Then dip them in coriander as a topping, and coat them evenly. Place them on a plate, garnish with more Mother’s Recipe Tamarind Date Chutney, add some sev on the top and serve. A quick, easy, healthy snack for your kids!

Watch the full recipe here

Upma Crusted Chicken Nuggets with Curry Leaves Pesto

Chicken Nuggets are a kid’s absolute favourite. Every fast food corner they go to, they want chicken nuggets. But now that children cannot step out of the house, neither can you, not being able to have chicken nuggets is a huge tantrum. We have got just the recipe for you that is quick and easy, and goes without saying, healthy!


Part I

  1. Mother’s Recipe Upma Instant Mix
  2. Mother’s Recipe Red Chilli Garlic Paste – 10 gms 
  3. Chicken – 150 grams
  4. Salt to taste 
  5. Black Pepper – 3 gms
  6. Mother’s Recipe Ginger Garlic Paste – 10 gms
  7. Refined flour slurry – 4 tbsp

Part II

  1. Curry Leaves – 100 gms
  2. Cashews – 10gms
  3. Parmesan Cheese – 15 gms
  4. Garlic – 15 gms
  5. Olive oil – 15 ml


Thinly slice the chicken into multiple pieces. Mix it with salt, pepper and Mother’s Recipe red chilli chutney. Leave it to marinate for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

After marination, add the refined flour slurry to the marinated chicken so it’s nicely coated. Add Mother’s Recipe Upma Instant Mix onto a plate and coat the chicken with it and put them aside.

For the pesto sauce, you will ideally want to soak the curry leaves in boiling water so they soften a little, then put them in cold water for a little while. Put the curry leaves in a blender, some salt, pepper, cashews, and olive oil. Give it a nice blend until it has formed into a thick paste and your pesto sauce is ready!

 Fry your coated chicken in oil until they turn crispy. Place them on a plate, garnish with crispy curly leaves, some red chilli chutney and you’ve a tasty snack ready!

Watch the full recipe here.

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