Are Ready to Eat Meals Healthy

A quick look into your schedule tells us you have no time or patience to cook your own meals. But ordering meals every day is also a no-no. The only solution to this? Ready to cook meals! Now we know what you’re thinking: Mom’s repeated warnings about the perils of packaged food. But what if we tell you that there is a healthy yet instant alternative for your woes. When we think of instant food, we immediately picture junk food that is full of preservatives. But there is a way you could get healthy, homely food instantly? 

If you want a flavour of ‘Ghar ka khaana’, we have a set of ready to eat meals for you to choose from, which are easy to make and takes up only a few minutes of your time. Worried about whether packaged food is a healthy option? Our range of product is free of preservatives with authentic, homely flavours. 

 The Instant Solution 

Upma, uppumavu or uppittu is a thick porridge originating from the southern part of the country, cooked with semolina and made yummy with a mix of exclusive spices. A breakfast favourite, it has always had a special place in our tiffin boxes. Flavour with your favourite vegetables and remind yourself of Mom’s delectable cooking. 

Normally, to get a perfect, fluffy Upma you need to roast your semolina and rava, saute with spices and slow cook for quite some time with a careful eye not to burn it.  But with an instant mix solution, you can get this delicacy ready to go instantly. Bring home Mother’s Recipe Instant Upma Mix. If you are getting the tub pack then the work is even easier. All you have to do is to add hot water and within 4 minutes, tantalizing upma will be ready to savour. The same old homely taste. Mother’s Recipe Upma is made with fresh ingredients having zero preservatives. It is not just a meal of flavours but also healthy and wholesome just how maa used to make. 

Making its way straight from the state of Maharashtra into your heart, we have Poha next on the list. Made of flattened rice, it is best served hot with crispy peanuts. If you want to taste the best of Indian Masalas, this is your go-to dish. Seasoned with peanuts, curry leaves and green chillies, this is every family’s Sunday breakfast, which is recycled throughout the week. But why recycle old food, when you can just use our instant mix. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of straining ad draining when you can avail an easier and less cumbersome option with the same taste with Mother’s Recipe Instant Poha mix. Carrying the same homely ingredients, our Poha will certainly become your ultimate hunger saviour. 

You talk of Indian snacks and don’t mention Dhokla? Utter blasphemy. This flour-based recipe is a must in every Gujarati household. Served with tangy chutney and a side of green chillies, there’s nothing like a Dhokla when it comes to the perfect evening snack. While it takes a lot of experience, skill and time to master the perfect balance between sweet and sour, a ready to eat meal is a much easier option than multiple failed tries. Fight your snack craving as soon as it strikes with a flavour straight from your mother’s kitchen! 

Where do you get the right dholka mix? Or that white dhokla, for that matter? Mother’s Recipe! 

We bring you the same Gujju wala authentic taste of spongy dhokla in a pack. All you have to do is to add hot water to it and it will be ready in a jiffy. Made following the traditional household recipe, our Dhokla Mix will become the best friend to your hunger. Satisfying it to the core!  

Craving some dessert after a hearty meal? Or just missing your mom’s recipe of kheer? Fret not. We have got you covered. A delicacy of the highest rank in the North of India, this is nothing short of a royal dish. For Millenials, this is also a connect to their roots and every taste takes them back to their childhood. But with parents living in different cities, getting a bowl of favourite sevaiyan kheer can be quite a challenge. But not anymore. Mother’s Recipe Instant Seviyan Kheer mix with the same sweetness as your family’s special dessert is now up for grabs. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the homely flavour of our sevaiyan kheer. Prominently known as Payasm in Southern parts of India, it is one of the favourites of many households. Following the same granda’s recipe of soft and sweet payasm, we have crafted our pack of Seviyan Kheer. A hot cup of water is all you require to add and stir for a few minutes. Your hot and sweet delicacy will be ready to be savored. 

Achaarify Your Hunger 

But if you are not convinced with the use of instant mixes, we have more options, which are healthy yet extremely convenient for the novice cook. 

It is common custom in Indian household to make any and every dish delicious by serving it with a dollop of achaar. Even the blandest of meals can be spiced up with a bit of achaar. Achaar is not just a side, it’s an emotion. Even though it falls under packaged food, you will never be stopped from downing spoons of achaar on your plate. An instant, healthy solution for your taste buds that requires zero effort to prepare. From carefully selecting raw ingredients to assembling spices and finally waiting for the final taste, all while you sunbathe is a childhood memory dear to us! Made with oil and love, it is known by different names in different parts of the country but achaar remains the most popular one. 

It needs no survey to prove that in India, spice sells and achaar is a staple in every household. No matter what the dish is, a bottle of achaar is constant. Your plate might not be polished clean, but your achaar will be! Here are a few options to satiate your achaar love and also find a quick fix to your hunger pangs. 

Dal Chawal: There is no contesting the fact that the Dal Chawal is unquestionably everyone’s comfort food and it is also the easiest and fastest to cook. But it often becomes quite bland on a day when you are craving an overdose of flavours. But fret not, we have a package full of flavour awaiting you. Add a bit of mango achaar to the plate and let it do wonders. 

Parathas: A plate of parathas keeps your hunger away! But while curd is a constant with parathas, achaar is that extra ingredient that makes it stand out. Flavour with lime chilli achaar and your breakfast is set!

Curd rice: Feeling low? Or under the weather? There is literally no better cure than a bowl of curd rice to refresh your soul! Curl in with a bowl and polish it off with your favourite achaar. Season with a bit of Mixed Achaar and you are good to go! 

Indian households are known for their delicious preparations of sabzis. But if you are done with the everyday, regular dose, then there is a simple solution to keep your meal healthy yet tasty. Packaged, fresh and ready to serve, our green chilli achaar will make it’s way straight to your heart. 

Why limit to one? You can go mix and match the achaar flavours with different dishes. For we understand the love one has for their native state, we don’t offer just one type of Mango Achaar. From Mango Ginger Pickle, Madras Thokku Pickle, to Kerala Mango Pickle–we have prepared it following the traditional recipes of households from the popular states. The Achaar Saga doesn’t stop here. Lime, Garlic, Tomato, Green Chilli–we have achaar of every type and every flavour. 

Now you can savour the same naani maa wala acchar with Mother’s Recipe achaar variants. We add only love and the homely spices to make it finger-licking good. No preservatives whatsoever. Mother’s Recipe Achaar can be savoured with anything. Apart from daal chawal, you can have it with your frankie as well. Spice up your wraps and rolls with a tang of our achaars and go gaga over the flavours.  

 Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook 

The masalas mixes that come in the packs are often regraded as unhealthy! Let’s bust that myth today. Mother’s Recipe range of Ready to Cook mixes is prepared with authentic homely spices and fresh ingredients. With zero preservatives and adulterants, it acts as your everyday partner for cooking. From chole to Paneer Tikka, from chicken curry to Kerala fish curry, from Puligore to Pav Bhaji–our RTC mixes are here to save your day with awesome lip-smacking dishes. 

You can cook your favourite cuisine in half the time you used to cook before using Mother’s Recipe range of ready to cook mixes. We promise you absolute wholesome and healthy flavour and nothing else! In fact for young professionals living away from home and craving ghar ka khana, this is an ultimate saviour. All you have to do is to add the common ingredients because the rest of the spices are taken care of. 

Ready to Eat Meals are healthy when brought from the right place. Mother’s Recipe is your home of healthy and wholesome ready to eat meals. We add no preservatives, only love, fresh ingredients, and homely recipes. Achaars, Papads, Instant mixes, Ready to Cook mixes–we have everything for you ensuring you never go looking for delectable home-like cuisine. You can order it all from our website and get it delivered at home. Order today and indulge in the authentic homely flavours!