9 healthy dishes you can cook at home in just 10 minutes

A healthy body has a healthy mind. Sure it is! The question is how many of us follow the mantra?

A fast-paced life and workload have made us lethargic to self-prep healthy meals. With the introduction of ready-to-order meals from various food delivery portals, the concept of home cooked meals is dwindling. As difficult as it sounds, prepping meals at home is quite easy and takes no more than 10 minutes.

Bid adieu to tedious meal preparations because we bring you 9 healthiest dishes you can cook in 10 minutes.

1. Dhokla to the rescue
On all those midnight hungers when you get absolutely nothing to satiate your cravings, Khaman Dhokla instant mix is a saviour. Simply add hot water to the Mother’s Recipe Instant Dhokla mix for a healthy breakfast.

2. Healthy mornings with a hot plate of Upma
The South Indian speciality Upma is a perfect start to a healthy day ahead. Just add some hot water and let the Mother’s Recipe Instant Upma cook and enjoy your home prepped fresh upma breakfast in just 10 minutes!

3. Power packed Poha
Poha is one the most favoured breakfasts of India. The crunch of peanuts and softness of rice flakes brings a perfect blend to a nutritious morning meal. Enjoy a scrumptious Poha meal with Mother’s Recipe Instant Poha Mix in less than 10 minutes.

4. Payasam for the sweet tooth
Who said healthy and nutritious has to be unsavoury? Payasam not only satisfies your sweet buds but is also a source of various nutrients – are you sure it is nutritious?. With the Mother’s Recipe Instant Payasam Mix, enjoy the yummy dessert instantly at home.

5. The favourite paneer kadhai
A finger licking delicacy can you prepare right in your kitchen, The Mother’s Recipe Ready to cook Kadhai Paneer can be one of the means to show off your culinary skills and enjoy mouth-watering paneer instantly!

6. Mix vegetables
Enjoy a combination of flavours from ready to cook veg makkhanwala to veg tawa, all simple yet delicious meals. Simply cut open a pack of Mother’s Recipe Ready to Cook Veg mixes for a delicious meal!

7. The south Indian specialty, puliogare
The sourness of tamarind, nuttiness of the peanuts and the aroma of curry leaves, a perfect paste mixed with your rice will take you to a flavoursome ride. Check out Mother’s Recipe Puliogare mix.

8. Fish curry: 
Packed with nutrients, fish is another source of protein for your body. Simply add Mother’s Recipe Ready to Cook fish curry paste to your fish, let simmer for a few minutes and enjoy!

9. Chicken:Add our variety of ready to cook chicken paste to your chicken to enjoy flavours without costing your health. Grab Mother’s Recipe Chicken Ready to Cook mixes for a lip-smacking chicken treat!

Don’t let time keep you from treating your taste buds! Enjoy every meal instantly with mother’s Recipe’s ready to cook and instant mixes.