5 things from your childhood that will make you miss your mom’s food

Remember how as a naughty kid you couldn’t wait to taste a bit of what mother was cooking? She’d patiently cool it down for you and smile as you enjoyed it! These little memories make up so much of your childhood and it is only fair that you keep revisiting them!

When you came back from school with rats in your tummy!

She first always scolded you for your dirty clothes but she always had your favourite snack ready to appease the angry rats in your stomach!

She always made your favourites on your birthday, Be it paneer makhani or kheer, mother always had your favourites lined-up for you on your special day!

When you hardly got to eat what mother packed for lunch, Didn’t you have to fight off friends just to get one bite of the aaloo paratha she packed in your lunchbox!

When she woke you up for dinner from an early slumber, Mother always woke you up for your favourite dinner as you slept on the couch watching your favourite TV show. And how you sprung your eyes open for it!

When she caught you eating chaat! 

Mother always caught you in the act eating chaat. She scolded you but surprised you later at home with homemade chaat!

Mother’s food is more than just about the tastes. It is about the love and care she put into cooking for you.

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