5 Herbal Teas For A Healthier Life

The benefits of herbal tea are plenty. Those who drink herbal tea regularly will tell you just how this simple habit has improved their health. With winter on the way, a hot cup of tea is always a great way to start the day on those cold mornings. Keeping that sentiment in mind, here are 5 herbal teas that you can choose from to add to your daily diet for a healthier life.

1. Ginger Tea:
This tea can be made by simply simmering freshly cut roots of ginger. It helps in soothing an upset stomach, curbs nausea and soothes a sore throat. With some lemon juice and honey and you’ll also have a powerful natural remedy for a cold. It’s known for treating bronchitis, a cough, asthma, flu and breathlessness. The medicinal properties found in ginger helps in reducing inflammation. It also works as an antiseptic and carminative substance which helps with food poisoning.
2. Chamomile Tea:
Chamomile tea is usually a gentle blend that’s known to be used as a sedative. This tea is made from the chamomile flower hence the name. It can help soothe the nerves of those who suffer from insomnia and are also recommended for those with bronchitis, a cough, a cold or fever. On a more generic scale, Chamomile tea is great for boosting the immunity.
3. Rosehip Tea:
Rosehip is the fruit of the rose plant and a great natural source of vitamin C thereby making it very beneficial for the skin and tissue health along with the functioning of adrenaline in the body. Consumption of Rosehip tea can result in healthy and glowing skin, but more importantly it also helps decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.
4. Peppermint Tea:
Considered a carminative, it relives the symptoms of abdominal gases, bloating and cramping and stomach discomfort. The tea also stimulates bile flow to increase the rate and efficiency of digestion and promote healthy bowel movements. This tea is also antispasmodic, which means it assists in reducing the symptoms of nausea. It also has antibacterial properties which help in improving the immune system.
5. Green tea:
Green tea is actually obtained from the same plant as black tea. What many don’t know is that the only difference is the way in which both these teas are processed. Green tea leaves are either dried or slightly steamed but not fermented. Green tea is associated with anti – aging properties. The caffeine and tannins in this tea help you feel energized and refreshed. Consumption of green tea also boosts immunity levels in our body. It enhances the metabolism and thus, helps with weight loss.
So adding herbal teas to your daily intake would be quite beneficial to your health. It is always better to eat and drink healthy as a precaution rather than as a solution after a health issue comes up. Taking care of ourselves is the key to a good life. Add these herbal teas to your diet and you’re sure to see wonderful results.