5 Delicious Indian dishes to look forward to in the summer

Vacation time, granny’s stove and delicious food - summer is all about the aromas and memories of good food. Prep your summer food bucket list with these 5 favourite dishes we all look forward to:

Tangy mango pickles

What is summer without mouth-watering mango pickles! Pair the classic aam ka achaar with almost anything and savour the flavour carnival. Treat your taste buds to fresh mango pickles here (button)

Pudina chaas

You played in the hot sun all day and you were welcomed homes with mother’s scolding and a tall glass of cool pudina chaas… are you dreamy yet? Grab a glassful and raise a toast to the summer!


Mmmmm Falooda! Faloodas mean vacation time and a sneaky way to eat ice cream with mother’s half-hearted approval. Cheers!

Curd rice

Curd rice, known as ‘thayir sadam’ in the south, is the ultimate comfort food. Eat it when you are happy or sad, but don’t forget to pair it some yummy lemon pickle! Running low on lemon pickle? Click here (button)

Crunch fest with papads

Mother would days preparing and drying her precious papads and drying them on the sun baked terrace. You always found a way to grab one or two when she wasn’t looking. Bite into some now! (button)

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