4 Delicious Malayali recipes to try out this Onam

Malayalis around the world specifically wait for one thing all year round, and that’s the joyous festival of Onam. The state of Kerala celebrates this harvest festival regardless of religion or belief systems, families gather together to share a lunch that’s served on a banana leaf called sadhya. 

The sadhya is such a visual treat while also being a wholesome meal itself. Some sashays say up-to forty different varieties of curries on it’s own, this all vegetarian meal has a diverse range in terms of types of foods. Food is a very important part of Onam, the whole household flocks to the kitchen in the morning itself to help make all the dishes, since there are a wide variety of food items, every single item in the sadhya is taken very seriously. The sadhya is divided into several parts, the cooking styles, spices, the ingredients vary throughout the meal.

Onam is also known as the festival of flowers and joy, women of the house deck themselves in Kasavu sarees and design a flower pattern called pookalam, which is laid outside the house in order to attract prosperity and good luck 

The rice is served in the middle of the leaf, lined with at least three types of chutneys on the side, the appalam placed carefully besides the rice, two types of sambar, a curd curry and many more lip smacking delicacies. Every Malayali knows that a sadhya isn’t complete without a delicious Payasam. 

The myth of Mahabali also surrounds the story of Onam, people dressed as Mahabali roam around to give people blessings, 

Malayali or not, you can always have your own Onam recipes with mother’s recipe’s amazing range of products 

Tamarind chutney: Tamarind chutney is used in several dishes in Malayali cuisine, whether just a few spoons in a sambar or just on its own on the side to take a taste along with other delicacies. Tamarind chutney has a strong tangy taste that enriches every dish that you add it in 

Ginger garlic paste: This paste is also the highlight of several onam dishes, it adds a unique kick to the curry it is in, moreover there is a very traditional side dish which is called the puli inji, which literally translates to sour ginger, which is made from ginger, you could add a little paste when making it to add some extra goodness and taste.

Kerala Mango Pickle: every sadhya needs a good addition of a good pickle, Kerala is known for its traditional pickle making customs, the recipes have been passed down from generations to generations, experience the authentic taste of the Kerala mango pickle with Mother’s Recipe’s yummy range of Kerala pickles. Adding a great pickle to your sadhya elevates the whole taste, the spiciness of chili is said to be good for blood circulation and aids digestion. 

Appalam: What’s there to not love in a good crispy appalam? The Kerala appalam is usually fluffy and light and has no spice infused in it, it goes well with the meal laid out in front of you, it balances out the flavours which are already there on the banana leaf. Mother’s recipe appalams have this exact quality wherein they provide the kind crisp and saltiness to your meal.

We hope you have a great time trying out different recipes during the harvest season filled with joy, we wish you heart fulls of joy and fuller stomachs! Get your hands on the easy and delicious products of mother’s recipe to try out several different food items. We wish you a joy filled and happy Onam!