10 Quick and Delicious Monsoon Recipes

The monsoon season in India is almost synonymous with the delicacies we enjoy at this time of the year.
Here are 10 quick and easy recipes that are perfect for the monsoon season.

1. Mixed vegetable pakodas:
Pick your favourite veggies, slice them thin and fry with batter. Vegetable pakodas are a top favourite in the monsoon season and are best accompanied by a spicy pickle.

2. Potato papad: 
There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as hot and crispy potato papad in the rainy season. Sprinkle some red chilli powder over the papad and serve hot.

3. Poha: 
A hot serving of poha is both nourishing and satiating, and it’s one of the easiest snack options that goes perfectly with the weather.

4. Baked samosa: 
Fancy a samosa while it rains? Skip the fried version and bake your samosa. Stuff it with a healthy preparation of chole for an interesting flavour and savour it with delicious samosa chutney.

5. Pav bhaji: 
Warm, buttered bread with spicy and delectable bhaji is the best thing you could ask for in the monsoon season.

6. Sweet corn chaat: 
Enjoy the goodness of bhutta this season by whipping up some sweet corn chaat. Sprinkle chaat masala over some boiled sweet corn for the perfect flavour.

7. Dhokla: 
Dhokla with chutney makes for a wonderful snack at any time of the year. Nutritious and filling, this one is sure to satisfy every craving.

8. Gobi parathas: 
Prepare some sumptuous parathas with a stuffing of cauliflower. Cook the cauliflower in ginger-garlic paste for a delightful flavour.

9. Momos: 
Steaming and spicy momos are the perfect accompaniment to the weather. Make sure to prepare the stuffing with ginger-garlic paste for an enhanced flavour.

10. Aloo tikki chaat: 
The monsoon menu will always be incomplete without aloo tikki chaat on it. Flavour the chaat with some imli or tamarind paste.

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