Take time out and do what you love every day, says Mother’s Recipe in new campaign

Mother’s Recipe believes women should celebrate themselves every day and not just on March 8, when the world celebrates Women’s Day. With this thought in mind, the brand deliberately launched a campaign weeks later, breaking the clutter and to drive home this important message.

Its latest campaign #GiftOfTime is a part of the brand’s ‘taste the love’ series. The video opens with a peek into the lives of three women set against the humdrum of busy lives taking care of different roles and expectations around them. Life seems to be on auto mode till it hits an unexpected bend, catching these women off-guard. A simple question, ‘what would you like to do if you had two hours extra in a day?’, gets them to emotionally think about themselves which they are not used to doing, and they open up to share their interests. Mother’s Recipe then introduces them to a world of delicious and authentic food options, which is convenient and fast cooking, interestingly highlighting exactly how much time their products would help them save in the kitchen.