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  • Pickles
    We are the national leaders in Pickles in India. Indian Pickles are a favorite accompaniment to every Indian Meal. A spoonful with every meal is enjoyed in every region of India...
  • Condiments
    Mother’s Recipe brings to you, a range of convenient cooking pastes that not only save your time while cooking, but will also add a loving, homely flavour to all your meals. No ...
  • Ready to Cook
    Get the delicious taste of restaurant food, without the hassle of cooking, with Mother’s Recipe’s wide range of Ready-to-Cook products. Made with the freshest ingredients, aro...
  • Instant Mix
    Enjoy the convenience of a homemade snack, anytime, anywhere with Mother’s Recipe Instant Mixes. Made with fresh and healthy ingredients, these Instant Mix products come in cup...
  • Chutneys
    Enjoy a hint of love on the side with every snack, with the wide range of delectable chutneys from Mother’s Recipe. Made with the freshest ingredients and lots of love and care,...
  • Papadums
    Savour the crispy, yummy taste of Mother’s Recipe’s wide range of Papads.A great anytime party snack when served with mint chutney or the perfect accompaniment to every Indian m...
  • Curry Paste
    Make the most authentic Indian Curries at home with Mother’s Recipes’ Curry Pastes. All our pastes are made following traditional recipes with precise blend of spices & no prese...
  • Blended Spices
    Select spices blended to perfection, Mother’s Recipe has picked up the best to make your dish come out the way it should. Soaked in rich spices, aroma wafting in the air, this m...
  • Marination Paste
    Our Indian BBQ marinades are aromatic & delicious, just marinate your meat for 20 mins & cook. It is truly delicious, fast & easy.
  • Sauces & Juices
    Sauces & Juices
  • Ready to Eat
    Mother's Recipe brings back the magic of authentic regional Indian Cuisine by making use of the choicest ingredients and following traditional recipes to get the original flavou...
  • Mango Pulp
    Mango Pulp
  • Basic Spices
    Indian basic Spices for every kitchen
  • Kitchen Basics
    Our selection of best quality produce & staples for every Indian kitchen.
  • Dabee Pickles
    Dabee Pickles
  • Food Services
    Our dream range of Products for every Indian menu to come alive.