Assistant Manager – Purchase – PM View +


  • To Handle, Co-ordinate and Monitor overall purchase activities of packaging materials ,in order to establish a strong brand image of DBL Food Division along with Group companies
  • To avoid shortage of packing material and procure the same at competitive rate



  • Annual and monthly requirement and procurement schedule for Packing Material based on production plans.
  • Purchase planning (2-3 times in a month) & Co-ordinate with factory for deciding Material quantity to be sent


  • Trigger point to get purchase ; Getting purchase order reconciled
  • Obtaining quotation from suppliers ; Negotiate with suppliers; do comparative study of quotation
  • Co-ordinate with packaging material store
  • Stock position :- Periodical physical stock taking
  • Budgeted Cost (Annual ) :- Support to NPD , vendor development ; Product substitute ; cost reduction measure
  • Material follow up :- Interaction with quality department for incoming material ; ISO documentation ; Maintain & update records.
  • QA related rejection analysis ; if reject return to indirect sales ; support and coordinate with third party for designing, marketing and support
  • Maintaining ISO records as per defined quality standards.
  • Related (Non moving stock ):- Interaction with production department , transporter , suppliers ; Check purchased material other than packaging.

Peoples Management

  • Motivate and guide subordinates
  • Set clear goals and target for subordinates, review their performance periodically and provide feedback.
  • Identify subordinates training and development requirements.


VP- commercial


2-3 subordinates (Purchase officer, Trainee Accounts & Purchase)


Marketing team, Sales, Operations, Commercial

Product Manager View +


To create and implement a long term profitable growth of Brand – Mother’s Recipe and other brands of DBL.


  • Specific Product Manager Job Description should include the following.
  • Ideation: The Product Manager solicits and collects information on new product ideas, analyzes new product ideas, and helps evaluate new product ideas.
  • Market Analysis: The Product Manager maintains constant surveillance and awareness of the market and customer needs and trends.
  • Competitive Analysis: The Product Manager maintains awareness of competitive products, potential competitive products, competitors, and competitor capabilities and analyzes data on competitors
  • The Customer Plan: The Product Manager needs to use methods to define the customers to be talked to, resources required to reach them, the schedule for the same (VOC)
  • Familiarity with Basic Research Methods: The Product Manager is familiar with basic market researchfocus groups, usability studies and other methods and analyse to understand Consumer needs.
  • Product Planning & Definition Methods: 
    • The Product Manager needs to know product definition and planning such as Quality, functionality, Packaging, Packing, Brand Design, Brand Plan, Consumer Communication Plan, Market plan to translate customer needs into product requirements and develop a product plan.
    • Effective Product Positioning & Strategy keeping market dynamics in mind
    • Cross departmental coordination with Production and Finance for Forecasting, Allocation and Despatch as per Sales plan.
    • Help in Product Forecasting by providing market information, Sales Trends. The Product Manager analyzes variances between forecasted and actual product demand
  • Portfolio Planning: The Product Manager provides needed analysis to support product portfolio planning if planned and feasible
  • Analyze and Rationalize Product Portfolio: The Product Manager regularly conducts a critical review of his/her product line or product portfolio to identify needed actions to discontinue poor performing products, overlapping products, or products that require repositioning or re-launching.
  • Communicate Product Plans & Strategy with Management: The Product Manager effectively communicates product plans and strategy to management.
  • Communicate Product Plans & Strategy with Team Members: The Product Manager effectively communicates product plans and product strategy with team members to assure understanding and obtain consensus where necessary alignment with overall plans needed actions.
  • Gather Customer Feedback: During development, the Product Manager gathers needed customer feedback
  • Develop Promotional Plan: 
    • The Product Manager prepares a comprehensive and well-thought out promotional plan that details strategy, needed actions, and messages with promotion and advertising, Social Media, Press and BTL.
    • Works with Marketing, advertising agencies, and PR firms to develop the product’s promotional and marketing messages. Plan Consumer Promotions and messaging
    • Oversees and effectively manages the execution of the promotional plan and revise as needed
  • Evaluate Distribution Channels or considers new channels when appropriate. They also work withexisting distribution channels to improve their effectiveness and negotiates arrangements when needed.
  • Plan Test Markets & Test Marketing:
  • Evaluate and Establish Pricing: The Product Manager effectively evaluates the market, the competition and establishes product pricing to maximize profit and long-term sales.
  • Coordinate & Manage Product Launch
  • Monitor Product Results: by tracking key performance indicators including revenue, cost savings, margin, market share, customer feedback etc.
  • Management Reporting: The Product Manager provides regular and ongoing reporting for management-level operational reviews give them information for management to take correct decisions.
  • Thus Product Manager is Product Life Cycle and also the P&L Manager for his Product Portfolio and needs to ensure both movement of and profit from the Product Portfolio.
    • This requires him to trvel the market,
    • Monitor Product movement figures and analyse them along with competition moves,
    • Forecast or predict possible market trends to guide the Sales team and Management
  • Plan Consumer Promotions basis Consumer preference, Competition, Pricing & Market


May require to handle trainees, cross departmental colleagues and manage Regional Marketing Executives/ Managers and Sales team


GM- Marketing




Marketing, Sales team, Operations/Projects, Finance/Purchase


  • Graduate , Preferable- PG / MBA in Marketing (atleast tier 2 college)
  • Overall around relevant 6-9 years (2-4 yrs in sales + 4-6 years in Marketing) in FMCG/Consumer Goods – Foods, company


Knowledge Skills Attributes
FMCG Industry (Preferably Foods) Influencing & Negotiation Achievement Motivation / Drive for Results
Consumer Insights Building & Managing Teams Patience
Retail & MFO industry Decision Making Respect for others
  Collaborative/Conflict Management Integrity
  communication & persuasive