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Desai Brothers Ltd. has always been committed to the cause of social service and has repeatedly channelized a part of its resources and activities, such that it positively affects the society socially, ethically and also environmentally. The Company has taken up various CSR initiatives and enhanced value in the society.

With the advent of the Companies Act, 2013 constitution of a CSR Committee of the Board and formulation of a CSR Policy became a mandatory requirement. Therefore, the Company has formulated a CSR Policy, which encompasses its philosophy and guides its sustained efforts for undertaking and supporting socially useful programs for the welfare & sustainable development of the society.

CSR Objective

The Company channelizes its CSR activities in light of its guiding principle “Giving back to the society, for all the years of care, support and nurturance that is being bestowed upon the organization".

The Company, firmly believes that CSR is primarily, the responsibility of the Company in relation to the impact of its decisions and activities on the society and also the environment, through a transparent and ethical behavior which is:

  • consistent with sustainable development and welfare of society

  • takes into account the expectations of stakeholders,

  • is in compliance with applicable law, and

  • is uniformly integrated and practiced throughout the Company.