Comforting Recipes To Try This Summer

Best Pickle Brand in India - Mother's Recipe Pickles

Summer is here, and with it comes a craving for delicious mangoes and refreshing thanda sharbat to enjoy with lunch alongside the whole family. These meals, light and full of happy memories, are the perfect way to beat the heat. Remember those long summer vacations at Nani or Dadi's place, where the sound of the ceiling fan mingled with the aroma of delicious home-cooked food? Mother's Recipe pickles can be your secret ingredient to recreate that comforting magic in your kitchen this summer!

Mother's Recipe Pickle Pantry: Your Summer Staples

Mother's Recipe offers a delightful range of pickles, each bursting with flavor and perfect for adding a tangy twist to your summer meals. Here are some pickles that go perfectly with your food. 

A Touch Of Tanginess & Spice

Mother's Recipe Mango Pickle: This is every summer’s go-to, the tanginess of mangoes perfectly balanced with spices is a taste of sunshine in every bite. Enjoy it with Aloo Paratha and Chaas for a truly refreshing experience!

Mother's Recipe Lime Pickle: Add a touch of zing to any dish with the exciting taste of lime! This flavor cuts through the summer heat and pairs perfectly with Dal-Chawal and Khichdi.

Mother's Recipe Garlic Pickle: Calling all garlic lovers! This fiery pickle is packed with punchy garlic flavor and is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of a kick. Add a dollop to your Roti or Uttapam!

Mother's Recipe Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle: The stuffed red chilli pickle is a vibrant fusion of fiery peppers, packed with an enticing mix of spices, infusing a burst of flavour into every bite. Whether paired with a humble serving of Dahi Rice or nestled in a comforting bowl of Kadhi Pakora, it promises to elevate any dish with its delightful tang and zest.

Some Creative Dishes To Try Out With A Pickle Punch

Now that we have a wide range of pickles, here are some new dishes you can make this summer with Mother's Recipe pickles into your summer meals:

Spicy Mango Salsa: Dice fresh mangoes, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Throw in a generous dollop of Mother's Recipe Mango Pickle for a flavor bomb! This salsa is perfect with chips, grilled meats, or even as a topping for tacos.

Tangy Aloo Tikki Chaat: Satisfy your street food cravings at home with Aloo Tikki with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander chutney, and a dollop of Mother's Recipe Lime Pickle for an extra layer of tanginess.

Refreshing Raita with a Pickle Twist: Mix Dahi with chopped cucumber, mint leaves, and a spoonful of your favorite Mother's Recipe pickle. This cooling raita is the perfect accompaniment to any spicy summer dish.

Escape bland this summer & embrace Mother's Recipe pickles bringing home-cooked comfort and the perfect flavor to every meal.

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