Diwali Dishes Around India

Festivity is here. We all know what that means. There’ll be galore and dishes to choose and let’s not even get to the sweets. Festivals are celebrations where everything right from tea snacks to Grand food items are prepared in abundance. So let’s take ourselves on a pan India trip and experience the several mouthwatering dishes. 

India is one such country wherein we can experience so many wonderful dishes no matter where we are. This festive season try out some of these traditional dishes.


There is no better way to start this blog than by praising the humble samosa. Hot boiled potatoes and peas cooked in fervent gravy wrapped and fried in crispy covering is surely a treat this country swears by.  This heavenly pasty even though originated in central Asia, it surely made its way to the Indian heart. When festivity arrives you can see that there are always some samosas frying in the kitchen. Guests are also fed this delicacy in plenty. It’s one such dish that fits into any function no matter how simple or grand. You can Relish this wonderful tea time pastry snack with some tangy samosa chutney from Mother’s Recipe.


Travelling down to the south a bit. This crunchy savoury snack is known by many names ranging from murukku, chakli, chakuli etc. Many at times it’s made with rice flour and spices but there are also variants that have come up with time. There are palak murukku also which can be a healthier option this festive season. It’s a fun tradition down south where families sit together and start making these yummy snacks a few days before the festival so that on the main day they can be sent in little packets to family around time. This also shows us that festive food in India doesn’t simply come as food it’s also a big emotion for most of us. You can serve these crispy snacks to guests alongside some Chana Masala papad. It could be a tea time to remember! 

Paneer tikka masala 

Delicious Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer is one such amazing ingredient that is so adaptable. When you want a quiet dinner it can be subtle and when you want to have a grand festival gathering it can come in this majestic dish. The Paneer tikka masala is a favorite not only in India but also in other countries. The preparation of marinating the fresh cottage cheese then grilling, whilst the gravy is cooking with spices. When it all comes together, it’s a celebration in your mouth! This dish is perfect for all those loud and fun festive nights with family and friends. You can serve it with a side of some fresh garlic naans or Jeera rice, these are the best pairings that go with this amazing curry. Festive seasons can be quite hectic, you can always grab some Mother’s Recipe ready to cook Paneer tikka masala and enjoy a feast in twenty minutes! 

Rice Kheer

No celebration is complete without this decadent dish. This is a great dish for a perfect end to a great dinner party. It’s also perfect for sweet tooths who don’t like indulging in something that’s very sweet and heavy. It strikes the perfect balance between something sweet and a grand dessert for festivity. You can have a quick fix for your dessert needs with the Mother’s Recipe ready to make kheer mix.  Serve some sweetness in style this festive season.

These are some of our most favorite festive delicacies. You can choose amongst these and serve these to all the guests who come home. In fact you can even make yourself a little treat as Mother’s Recipe is always with you to give you a joyous and tasty celebration.